Where efficiency meets flexibility

Sharks Ad Network offers a wide range of technologies from advance targeting, cross-device tracking, cross-campaign monitoring to user profilization, realtime auto adjustment and many more.

Cross-device Tracking

As the first ad network in Vietnam achieved cross-device tracking, we are able to match up to 87% of Internet devices to each individual users, this provides us with a high level of control over impression overlapping, frequency optimization and cross-channel message consistency.

User Profilization

With 91% reach over the 40+M Internet users in Vietnam, we gather each and every action each user takes on sites while they surf. This together with our achievement in cross-device tracking technology gives us the ability to build a profile for each of the 40+M Internet users. From demographic, usage pattern, affinity to more detailed information like content consumption behavior, keyword and color preference and even to interests and other in-depth features.
Profilization greatly helps us maximize display ads efficiency while reducing cost considerably.

Advance Targeting

User profilization realizes our Advance Targeting platform. Forget about picking your Target Audience base on just a limited number of inaccurate ranges of factors, think more specific. Imagine you could pick your TA base on what they've read, where they've physically gone to, which banner they've clicked on, do they have kids, how many members there are in their family, even what their color preference, the posibilities are endless. You just need to be more creative, the rest have been taken care of by our Advance Targeting Platform.

Realtime Auto Adjustment Ad delivery System

This 5-year-research system lifts the headache, it really does. Designed to work on it own with minimal human input, it monitors each of the impression based on our finest data mining engine to adjust delivery configuration, it makes sure each of the impression delivered shall be delivered with the highest chance of getting a conversion. This increases flexibility, cuts down cost, decreases waste inventory while focuses the valuable impression on potential users.

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